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One of the dopest fashion editorials to date. How am I just seeing this? Jourdan Dunn, Jasmine Tookes, and Anais Mali for Vogue India April 2012. #boom

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After two trains and a shuttle bus, I made it to Van Cortlandt park yesterday to get a round in. It was a beautiful Saturday here in the City and it was my first time out since…well, I don’t know when. I shot an 87…not too shabby, but I have work to do. 

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Golf is a Bitch…

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I awoke this morning to text message from my good friend Ace Jones that read, “disqualified?!” I immediately checked my Masters app not knowing which player would be penalized as such, all the while hoping it wasn’t Tiger. I have to say I love the Masters—most of it. I’m a sucker for the commercials that remind you of past Masters champions, I can’t wait to hear what one-liners Jim Nantz will come up with and I’m forever impressed by how the maintenance crew makes the course impeccable year after year. But most of all, I enjoy seeing Tiger in thick of it on Saturday. 

In no other sport will you hit a shot at its intended target and get as fucked as Tiger did Friday evening. He hit the flagstick…his ball rolls in the water…he analyzes his options…takes his drop (as the nation watched) and played on. All was well, or so he thought. 

Some “concerned viewer” brought the drop to the committee’s attention and they reviewed it further making the determination that Tiger had made a legal drop. But it was in Tiger’s post round interview that the rules committee was made aware of the error. 

"…I went back to where I played it from, but I went two yards farther back and I tried to take two yards off the shot of what I felt I hit," Tiger said. 

Incorrect, Sir. 

Tiger had made a mistake (see more here) and this prompted officials to take another look and he was assessed with a two-stroke penalty. But because officials already stated he was correct in his actions (Rule 33-7) they saw no reason to disqualify him—whew, that was confusing! 

What happened next? 

A Twitter storm, of course. When you’re Tiger Woods and all you do is win, everyone has a problem with it and they want to see you fail. People are still upset that he fucked 17 bitches and rubbed it in everyone’s faces when Nike ran an ad that “winning takes care of everything.” Is Tiger a cheater? In a relationship, yes. On the course, no. 

He did what he thought was the correct thing to do, kind of like how Dustin Johnson grounded his club in what happened to be a bunker at the 2010 PGA Championship, only he didn’t take the time to read the reminder about it—whoops!

The Twitter storm was part news, part Tiger haters who just can’t stand to see him succeed. Maybe they feel like they’ve been dooped, bamboozled, hoodwinked? Golf is after all based so much on character, which brings me to an interesting thought: The very tournament that fans are so hypnotized by (myself included) was created by two men who excluded every person who didn’t look like them…is that not questionable character?

Tiger made a mistake, when will people get over it?

He has.

And so has the rules committee because at 1:45 EST, like it or not, Tiger tees off. 

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